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... how does coaching work?

Coaching brings clarity, focus and confidence to help individuals deal with any issues they have. It offers a much needed space to reflect. It brings the unconscious to the conscious, helping clients to understand themselves and make active decisions.

Effective coaching is a combination of challenge and support that allows an individual to gain new perspectives. The coaching relationship is a key part in providing this necessary combination of support and challenge.

Coaching examines beliefs that may be stifling success and creates an environment where the client can refocus and explore ways of moving forward.

Coaching usually happens face to face, by phone or by a combination of the two. A session typically lasts around two hours. Frequency can vary depending upon individual requirements but would typically occur around once a month. A normal contract would be for 4 to 6 sessions.

  • build self-confidence
  • maximise leadership presence
  • develop emotional intelligence with self-awareness, self-management and empathy
  • improve business development skills
  • build high performance teams
  • manage complex relationships
  • lead others through organisational change
  • manage stress and help to ensure work/life balance
  • refocus career

Coaching offers time and space to think. It helps to increase self- awareness and provides a supportive and non-judgemental environment, which can lead to:

  • increased clarity of purpose : leading to a greater ability to make positive conscious choices
  • confidence : confidence is a universal theme in coaching and can be boosted by reflection in a supportive, yet challenging environment
  • enhanced performance : particularly in areas such as time management, working relationships, team building, issues of delegation and managing people
  • areas for development : looking at development areas and creating strategies for overcoming self-limiting beliefs
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